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Grooveshark, Pandora and Twitter Brand Awareness

I am very much a novice to the world of free internet music radio. I generally just listen to my iPod and CD collection. With Pandora users continuing to overwhelm me at our Fusework Studios office, I finally decided to

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Online Reading Favorites This Week

Below are a few online reading favorites I would like to share.  Simply click on a headline to read the full article.  Hope you enjoy! Facebook Overtakes MySpace (Again) We all knew it was just a matter of time.  At

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Online Reading Favorites This Week

Click on a headline to check out my online reading favorites this week: How To Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook…Safely Would I really want my mom to see this pic of me on Facebook?  Should I add

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D-Mac’s Online Reading Suggestions This Week

Below are a few articles that I felt were worth sharing this week. Just click on a headline for the full article. Enjoy! Steve Jobs Steps Down on Medical Leave- What Will Happen to Apple? I had to start with

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SocialScope: Facebook and Twitter in One App for Your Blackberry

SocialScope is an application for the Blackberry that combines Twitterberry and the standard Facebook app into one.  SocialScope is currently in Alpha review, so I am unable to include a video with screen shots of it actually working live on

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D-Mac’s Online Reading Favorites for the Week

Below are some links and brief summaries to articles/posts that I found worth sharing this week.  Click on a headline to view the full article.  I hope you enjoy! Get A Free Whopper by Deleting 10 Facebook Friends Burger King has

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Setting Your Online Priorities- Think About Content FIRST

With an ever growing to-do list it can be difficult to set priorities in life, much less online.  The online scene is a bit overwhelming at times.  So many places to be, so many things to do.  I have to

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Why Should I Start A Blog?

Why did you start a blog? Why should I start a blog? I have been getting these two questions a lot lately as my blog continues to develop.  There are a lot of valid reasons why you should start a

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Blackberry Storm Month Review

I have been using my Blackberry Storm daily for over a month now and have been meaning to do this review.  Thank you to Dustin McClure for posting this comment on my blog and prompting me to finally get around

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Blogging: Blog Post Ideas and Resources

What am I going to blog about today? It’s the question all bloggers are faced with.  In some cases, it can be a blogger’s worst fear…nothing to blog about.  Like many new bloggers I was worried about this question when

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