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Great People + Great Blogs = Great Resources

I was reading several blog posts and felt compelled to share.  It is always amazing to realize the quality content being posted on a daily basis- especially on a local level.  So many people are willing to reach out a

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Watch Tiger Woods Return to Golf at

One of the greatest moments in sports history is going to take place when Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour on Wednesday.  Golf fan or not, you have to appreciate what Tiger has done for the sport.  I was surfing

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Online Reading Favorites This Week

Below are a few online reading favorites I would like to share.  Simply click on a headline to read the full article.  Hope you enjoy! Facebook Overtakes MySpace (Again) We all knew it was just a matter of time.  At

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Small Box and Compendium Blogware Debate

A while back I posted a blog that was a review of a Hubspot Webinar.  In that post, I mentioned that the key to a successful blog is changing up your post structure and topics on a regular basis.  Jeb

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Qdoba Email Marketing Case Study

A Few days ago, I added an email marketing case study featuring a McAlister’s Deli email piece I received.  Overall, I considered this particular email campaign to be very good.  Today, I would like to share an email marketing case study on

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Mark Cuban’s Open Source Funding Environment

Seth Godin posted a link to Mark Cuban’s blog post titled “The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan- Open Source Funding” that I just had to share today.  The concept is simple: submit comments about your business plan on Mark’s blog and

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McAlister’s Deli Email Marketing Case Study

Occasionally I will get a piece of email marketing that breaks through the clutter.  Sometimes it is just a matter of  timing.  Other times it is just an excellent concept.  I received the below email marketing piece from McAlister’s Deli and

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