D-Mac’s Online Reading Suggestions This Week

Below are a few articles that I felt were worth sharing this week. Just click on a headlisteve-jobsne for the full article. Enjoy!

Steve Jobs Steps Down on Medical Leave- What Will Happen to Apple?
I had to start with this article. Nothing was bigger last week in the technology industry than the news of Steve Jobs stepping down until the end of June for health reasons. Twitter was absolutely insane with people posting links to different articles about Steve Jobs and how this change would impact Apple.  Instantly people began to question Apple and if the brand would continue to live on.  While the answers are yet to be determined, I am hopeful that the Apple brand is stronger than one person.

Everyone Else is On Facebook.  Why Aren’t You?
If Facebook were a country, it would be the 8th most populated in the world.  Since last home_facebookAugust, Facebook has grown at a rate of 374,000 users per day.  These are just a few of the remarkable statistics from this article.  I never would have guessed 4-5 years ago that when my friend first told me about Facebook that it would become the monster it is today.  This is a true example of an Ideavirus.

Tips for Building Your Social Media Resume
Following up with my reading suggestions from last week, this post provides some quality insight into creating an effective social media profile.  My personal favorite is the concept of setting up a video resume with answers to FAQs.  It is definitely interesting to see how social media is changing the interviewing process.

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Derek McClain is a Social Media Manager at Tangent Point Media. Derek oversees several blogging programs and social media accounts for clients in the Transportation industry. Derek began work at Tangent Point Media in 2010 and prior to that spent over 4 years working in the Internet and Technology industry for Fusework Studios, McClain currently resides in beautiful Fishers, Indiana. He graduated from Ball State University with a Telecommunications degree with an emphasis on Sales and promotion, as well as Marketing minor from the Miller College of Business. McClain continues to stay actively involved in his hometown community by donating his time in a volunteer capacity to several organizations including the YMCA and Habitat for Humanity. Circle Derek on Google+

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